The eyes are our most intriguing and revealing facial feature – they draw attention and convey expression. Through them, we not only see others but others see us as well. Our interest and how we feel physically or emotionally is reflected in our eyes. Unfortunately, hereditary factors and the signs of aging can greatly impact the appearance of our eyes, so that what they reflect is not really how we feel.

If you are bothered by upper eyelids with excess, drooping skin that makes you appear sad or angry, or by eyes that look tired due to puffiness or bags, cosmetic eyelid surgery may be right for you.

Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty), a common surgical procedure for both men and women, corrects drooping upper lids and alleviates the puffiness below the eyes by removing excess fat and skin. This procedure may be performed alone or in conjunction with other facial surgery such as a browlift and/or a facelift.