Scarless Breast Reduction – Plastic Surgery Chicago, IL

Jay Pensler is one of the chief innovators of Scarless Breast Reduction Surgery in Chicago, Illinois. People travel from all over the United States to have Dr. Pensler perform this revolutionary scarless reduction surgery.

Many women reject the idea of having the "traditional" breast reduction surgery once they learn the process.With the scarless technique women have a wonderful alternative from the traditional reduction procedure.

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Scarless Breast Reduction

One of the major concerns about either breast enlargement or breast reduction is if there is going to be any scarring after surgery. Patients want their breasts to look natural. In the past, there was a much greater problem of scarring with breast reduction than breast enlargement, though with new techniques that is not the case anymore. Scarless breast reduction can be done via an incision below the crease of the breast.

The reduction of the breasts is done using an advanced form of liposuction. The breasts will look completely natural--as if no breast reduction surgery occurred at all. It is important to go with a surgeon who has extensive experience with scarless breast reduction or else you may be disappointed in the results. Ask to see some before and after pictures of successful surgeries. It is especially helpful to see examples of a breast reduction procedure of someone with similar breasts to your own.

In addition to scarless removal of the breasts it is important to for the breasts to be fully functional after the surgery. Quality plastic surgeons will be able to perform the surgery without damaging the glands, nerves, and blood vessels. A patient will be able to breast feed in the future. There are as many patients who receive breast reduction surgery before having a child as after.

Unlike breast enlargement, breast reduction is not always done for cosmetic reasons. Perhaps one breast is out of alignment with another. Perhaps the breasts are very large and causing strain to the lower back. Another wonderful feature of the Scarless surgery is its use in "asymmetry". This is a condition were the two breasts are different sizes.

This is not to say there are major cosmetic improvements as well. Clothes will fit better and patients will feel healthier and more attractive. All in all, breast reduction can be as life-changing a procedure as breast enlargement. As this is often present in the young patient, we are especially pleased to be able to offer this operation to adjust the size without leaving a visible scar to patients of all ages.

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